Friday, July 17, 2009

Polaroid: SX-70

When: 1972-1977
Why: First truly folding SLR camera, First instant-film SLR camera.

Apparently Polaroid had to create an SLR camera for their instant film. Luckily they made it really portable, and it became somewhat popular. There were many variations later (I was able to find at least 28 different models). There were also non-folding models of SX-70 and numerous international versions which were similar to the USA models. SX-70 model lines were manufactured until 1986 (1982 by some sources), and the compatible film was discontinued in 2006.


SX-70 said...

I worked in the manufacturing organization at the Polaroid factory in Norwood, Massachusetts, where, over almost a decade, just under six million SX-70 cameras in all their variations were made. It was Polaroid's premier camera system.

ciao said...

THanks for info! Six million sounds like a lot! :)