Monday, November 10, 2008

Konishiroku: Konica C35 AF

When: 1979
Why: First autofocus camera

Welcome to the modern world of autofocus. Konishiroku used a Visitronic AF system designed and manufactured by Honeywell. It was expensive camera with passive system (comparing to active infrared ones) and only two photocells, nevertheless it started a significant change in the cameras world. Today it's almost impossible to find a new camera/lens without autofocus feature.

Also, this camera was almost fully automatic. The only manual thing you'd need to do is rewind.

You can find several samples of camera output on Zeno Felkl C35 AF page.

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mulkile said...

hello my grandfaher past away a year ago and i fond a konica c35 AF just like in the pic in the web i am so exited and i am going to have so many pic'S with the old film

just wanted to shear with sumone!!

muli stein